Concrete Flatwork in Reno

Decorative concrete flatwork installation in Reno, NevadaReno Concrete Contractor is a licensed and bonded company that’s committed to providing high quality, durable, and affordable concrete services to the residents and businesses in Reno, Nevada. We are proud to say that we are one of the most reliable contractors around.

For many years, we consistently provide quality and affordability to all our clients, commercial and residential, large and small. We strive to make sure that our prices remain affordable to all Reno residents. We offer free quotes on all our concrete services, and our rates usually are lower than any other contractors in town. Hiring us not only ensures high-quality service, but also at a low cost to you. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Our Concrete Services

Our vast selection of services to both residential and commercial clients is unparalleled. And we guarantee excellent workmanship on all our services regardless of complexity. If you are in need of a concrete contractor who excels in high quality and durable concrete flatwork installation at unbelievably low prices, look no further and contact us today! We can handle everything from patios, RV pads, walkways, pavement, driveways, or any other flat surface. This is what makes us your number one choice of concrete contractors in Reno.

Concrete Flatwork

We provide a multitude of concrete flatwork to both residential and commercial customers. So, if you are looking for a concrete contractor who can deliver high quality and durable flatwork installations, contact us. We will not only install durable flatwork, but we will also at an affordable price. Whether you want to install patios, RV pads, walkways, pavement, or any other flat surface, we are your number choice of contractors in Reno.

Stamped Concrete

One of the most popular trends in Reno and across the nation is decorative concretes. Mostly used for floors and patios, decorative concrete, such as stamped concrete, adds an embellished look and feel to the space. Stamped concrete is highly requested in Reno because of its look and feel. Stamping concrete is when we use equipment to literally “stamp” a pattern into the concrete which will emboss it and change the texture and pattern. This can make the concrete resemble wood, stone, brick, tile, flagstone, or more.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is just as the name suggests. We simply mix a stain and roll it on top of the concrete, giving it a different color. Many Reno residents like this service because it gives the concrete an entirely different look and feel. Staining concrete can make your patio or walkway “pop” and catch the eye. Say goodbye to that dull gray concrete look! We have expert concrete specialists ready to turn your concrete pad from drab to fab, so give us a call today to inquire about our stained concrete service.

Exposed Concrete

Exposed concrete, or aggregate concrete, works great for surfaces that require rough texture. Rough textured concrete is beneficial on surfaces that are highly trafficked by people on foot. The exposed concrete creates traction that prevents people from slipping and falling when it gets wet. Many of these surfaces are driveways, patios, pool decks, and sidewalks. It is called exposed concrete because the top layer of concrete is removed, exposing the underlying aggregate. Our experienced team of contractors is unmatched on exposed concrete service.

Colored Concrete

Many people prefer to color their concrete to get rid of the gray concrete color. We have a coloring specialist ready to assist on your project. You simply pick the color that you want and we handle the rest. Contact us today and our team will come out to give you a free colored concrete assessment.

If you need any concrete service in Reno, contact us for free quotes. We provide high quality, durable, and affordable concrete services and are a licensed and bonded company. We always guarantee our work is done right!